Themes and Ideas Swancon 2015
A note from the Programmer:

The programme is in draft stage, and will soon be released for discussion! This means no more suggestions please, only volunteering to be on panels!

Thank you!

Here's a list of some of the ideas people have put forward for the Swancon 2015 Programme. This is a complete wall of text, but there's no easy way to present so many ideas!

I'm putting this out there so you can all see the flavour and themes that are starting to become apparent in the suggestions. Also, I hope this will provoke you all to suggest more, comment on the themes that you are seeing, and request old favourites.

Possible New Things:

- 15 minute presentations. If you can think of something you would like to do a 15 minute powerpoint presentation on, then let us know! You will need to submit the presentation file 7 days in advance, and the sessions will be very carefully timed, so you're going to need to be prepared for this one!

- Speed Dating Books - do you have a book you could talk passionately about for 2 - 3 minutes?

This list below is everything any one has sent me. If you've emailed or contacted me and it's not here, can you please let me know!

Sarah P
Swancon 2015 Programmer


Assign every one a guild or group when they walk through the door and organizse activites where each group competes against the others (eg harry potter houses, divergent style groups)

webcomics panels

shows that were cancelled too early

run a panel as if it was 1974 to celebrate the 40th anniversary (literarry pretend it’s 1974)

music videos with SF themes and stories (eg what you waiting for by gwen stefani)

decorate each room in a different FS theme eg the inside of a space ship etc

workshop: get people to come up with the most practical, savvy Evil Overlord possible (competition maybe?)

short term LARP without costumes - like theatre sports where people are provided with a scenario and
must perform for an audience in 5 minutes

Multiverses panel - different structures and types of

can we serve dishes from SF books/films at the var?

good examples of fan fiction panel

Ancient Egypt theme

weekend long scavenger hunt

cultural appropriation in fiction (debate/pabel?)

Host some debates on relevant issues (eg nerds versus geeks but less trivial)

Young adult dystopias pabel (ie, Hunger games, divergent, others etc) (SLP - maybe also with a helping of old style YA dystopias and the new style)

happy versus sad endings panel

best parodies screening

world of darkness RPG session

panel on the best obscure/unknown SF (Kim has many examples)

Transsexuality on SF panel and discussion of examples

surrealism panel

Magic tournament

Halo competition

Hunger games panel

host a geocache (SLP - maybe this overlaps with Ingress? Ingress panel?)

Screening of dark Dungeons \

Dream of Djinn promotional gaming (Kim’s game)

Kickstarter panel and example of successful kickstarters (SLP - and probably unsuccessful ones if anyone would like to give their thoughts and opinions)

Overused tropes panel

comparison between 2015 and 1974 in the SF scene

survival horror games

evolution of words “nerd” and “geek” and their transition from insult to reclamation. Also their origin.

Roguelike games panel

SF on youtube: best channels to check out

geek lexicon - words only used in the geek community

history of fads in SF eg vampires in 90s/00s, zombies in late 00s/10s..

discussion “is there a geek uniform” eg t shirts etc

mysoginy in the internet discussion eg anna sarkeesian’s experience

polyamoury discussion and how it is gaining more media coverage and awareness in society. Also it’s presence in fiction.

Names and naming conventions in SF - eg themed names, linguistic structures
do a panel about accessibility but do it in the dark to simulate the challenges faced by being blind.

Alien cultures panel (alien as in unfamiliar and challenging)

books/films that take you out of your comfort zone

panel on exciting tech innovations

God’s Advocate - devil’s advocate panel in which I will defend fundamental christianity and the bible from the audience who will attempt to dissuade me (Jonathan)

record the best panels and put them up on youtube after the convention

Room of Lights - fill a room with cool lights - strobe lights, fairy lights, string lights, LEDs, etc

magical and SF detective fiction police procedurals etc film, book, etc (suggested panelists: Rob M, Stephen D, Alex I)

Past Futures - flying cars, moon bases, robot pals

what is the latest in SF tech made real?

the reverse of the return of the sequel to the trilogy of just who’s line? (A fannish take on the classic panel game show)

Gaming panel - old games are new again (old games that have been reborn/released/engineered (SLP - Monoploy with it’s varietals and kid versions and etc?)

Indie Day - invite local designers to show off and demo

UGG-tect Panel Game - as seen in 2014

Gaming event - The great pitch car rally!

Drawing Composite monsters (Leece) - a collaborative drawing session with Leece, so if a gryphon has an eagle’s headm one person does the head, another the wingsm one the body, etc, true chimeras.

Escher girls 3D - a collection of bad covers, requires projector, 2 - 3 brave men willing to humiliate themselves in public, and an MC

Gaming Panel - Fun games you can play in under 30 minutes (followed by demo session in gaming room (SLP - Saturday)

Board games in the internet age - online boardgaming & and the impact it has

Read Dating - every one picks a favourite book/story/film/comic/game/etc that they can enthuse about for 2 - 3 minutes. The set up is then similar to speed dating; people can circulate, enthuse at each other for 5 minutes, then swap “partners” (SLP - maybe in the koffeeklatch room between klatches?)

Military SF - why is it successful ?

SF to film/TV is there anything that can’t be put on screen?

SF/Fantasy and cultural appropriation debate (with weapons policy)

paranormal romance - what hasn’t been done?

Non-violent RPGs and computer games

Wearables - what’s next? How soon? (SLP - under the skin yet??)

AIs and roots and the future of work

Fandom the Third Generation (SLP - Perth only I assume)

Non-fannish partners panel, talking about living with a fan or fan of different genre

the future of war and military technology

SF and Fandom in the 70s: what - what was it like being a fan before the PC and the VCR? (SLP - Sally Beasley? Story about original fanfiction being typed and mailed to people?)

SF Fandom in the 80s (Swancon 5 - 15)

Zombie free apocalypses

the fragmenting of fandom?

Return of the Editors Strike Back - A panel of editors (or former editors) of sf magazines and publishers do a blind reading of first pages of anonymous submissions from writers (who will, ideally, be in the audience), and vote/comment on whether they'd be inclined to continue reading. Work would be read aloud, but authors not identified unless they spoke up. (Could be combined with the short story competition, if the con is having one.)

John and Kitty talk about Marvel. Excalibur maybe?

writing for video games - suggest kitty, sophie m, lisa r, wendy w

who to watch inc omics - 15 mins, kitty and sophie idea

characters who deserve a movie before antman

comic characters that deserve a movie adaption - kitty, nancy l

“Women are hard to animate” Games with women that are awesome (brendan, wendy w, hope c, ari N, megan ?)

arduino university mk 2: how to programme tiny computers - artifactory peeps

apocalypse proof your car - artifactory preps

another language discussion by daniel M (science behind language acquisition?)

fantasy worlds not set in a european like world (ie, Glenda L SLP - Maybe Kylie Chan?)

Augmented humanity - transhumanism in the real world (non-voluntary)

survival horror hames (Jonathan D, Stephen G, and/or other persons talk about the subgenre , what is awesome games and on theme

IO9 and why it sucks and better sources of SF reviews and culture online (kitty, stephen g)

Exploring the Witcher series Series - look at the polish fantasy series and IP by Andrzej Sopkowski

My plan for the zombie apocalype (or disaster of your choice) (Australian version)

Reboots - what has worked, what hasn’t, and what should be rebooted next (film/movies)

Dream casting of popular SFF

Colourblind casting - advances in movies and why we need more (SLP - or who we could recast?)

Epic Bromance and the lask of sisterhood (MCU etc) (SLP - Marvel cinematic universe?)

Weird and wonderful youtube (Imagine dragons: Radiofire, Queen’s I want to break free)

genderbending in fanworks - does my genderflip invalidate your slash and other questions?

Stephen King and the Small Screen - Deadzone, Haven, Under the Dome, Kingdom Hospital
Games for non-readers - children/esl/reading issues - cards, moncalay checkers, 9 men’s morris, transamerica, Wixrt, start in panel room, move to games room

Trilogies, quads, and oh my god will this ever end? Series that need more books and series that run over

Arrow season 1 - 3 and Flash Season 1 (Metahumans etc)

Tie in Novels - direct/extras Not starwars etc

What the hell kind of science was that? Suspension of disbelief fails, alternative options

What does fandom mean? Subcultures within perth? 15 minutes? Waicon, lit fan, gaming, each talk and then a discussion at the end?

DC and Marvel have taken over TV and movies. How does the approach compare to the comics? How’s it affecting the TV and movie industry?

What makes Bioware so special? Are they special? What other games have similar appeal?
Dragon Age: how does it differ from other epic fantasy?

Books -> TV series - what are the challenges? How do you make episodic stories out of a single book? (Game of thrones, old man’s war, redshirts, walking dead)

transmedia general discussion involving community no longer just the convention (SLP - I think in terms of the engagement levels between intended audience and creators of media)

Sex and technology presentation (one hour slot)

The apocalypse happens while we’re at the hotel. We have 350ish attendees of varying ages and skills. How do we survie? How do we run things? greater good or best death? Food, plans, location? (Will need to be fleshed out as the nature of the apocalypse will affect the plans)

celebrity geeks (ie, vin deisel, felicia day, judi dench)

Where to find good Reviews of Scifi games/literature

cozy catastrophes

Just outside fandom stuff ie the conlanguage panel last year, sciencey stuff, people doing honours and academic stuff…

award winners no one remembers

video tour of perth fandoms (AV) additional to the “pimp your fandom” presentation (5 - 10 minute tour around fannish spaces) eg gamer’s guild, artifactory

is reading books dead? in the age of TV, movies, youtube and fanfiction, is the publishing industry and high quality fiction dead?

actors/directors/authors that are also geeks Are the geeks taking over the earth?

Wizard of Oz - Rubycon “There is no place like home” Scifi takes us away from home. How has our world changed as a result of SF?

John parker and kitty talk about marvel comics possibly with a ten minute interlude about Antman

Classic Who: Season 13: Tom Baker season 2 as the Doctor, looking at The Terror of the Zygons-The Seeds of Doom (Danny, Grant, Colin Sharp, Aaron Creaser, Heather and Myself)

9th Year of the Video Quiz.-General Theme: 1970’s-clips from the world of Films, TV, Music and stuff.

New who: Peter Capaldi first season as the Doctor (Aaron Creaser, Michael Cogan, Heather, Myself)

Hanna-Barbra part 2 –Looking the studio and cartoons in 1970’s (continue from last year panel)

Reassessment of classic TV-Discussion- following from Classic film, what makes a classic TV, Will some of the popular today will be remember as classics or just a footnote

Best of TV Sci-Fi /Horror Anthologies- Over the years there have been like Outer Limits, The Evil Touch, Journey to the unknown, Out of Unknown & ete.

Horror films of Roger Corman of sixties-During the Height of sixties teaming with AIP & Vincent Price these have become cult favourites

Looking back on the year of 1976-The Year of the first Swancon, what else happen in this year, the books, Music, TV, Films and current affairs.

Dr Who Panel on Script Editor-what Makes a good or bad editor, he panel will discuss (Danny, Grant Myself)?

Doctor who in Australia -50 years of Remembers –Discussion. 1965, the year that Doctor Who arrive in Australia, bring your memories.

Beauty & the Beast: Is original Werewolf story? What about other fairy Tales

60 years of Godzilla- This panels takes look at history of King of the Monsters

Forgotten TV Animation- Since beginning of TV Animation has been a staple diet, some has become classics, awhile others have been forgotten; like crusader rabbit, Funny Company, King Leonard & his Short Subjects.

Other Hammer Films: such as Phantom of the Opera, Curse of the Werewolf, She, The Lost Continent

Lost Anime Classics

Looking Back at Quantum Leap-Discussion

Looking at the Superman

Anime of 1980-90’s

Sci-fi of H.G.Wells

New Who Series 8 review: (this panel has been running for at least 4 years now and is always well attended) Suggested Panelists: Damian M, Heather M, Aaron C & Michael C
A review of the latest season of Doctor Who (Series 8) and the 2014 Christmas special.If possible we would like a 90 minute slot for this panel as we work best in that time frame. Perhaps the last item before a dinner/lunch break so we can go over 1 hour without interfering with the program too much

GWEN Live stream (Up From Down Under with Michael)Live online radio program! 3 hours?

Voyager a Celebration - A celebration of the 20th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek: Voyager. Including season reviews and favouite characters. Panelists: Michael C (more possible?)

A panel celebrating differences - Starting with distinctions between ignorance, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and embracing differences in gender identity and ways of relating to each other.
As a community we are well placed to address these issues.
Many of us would like to learn how to address people with different gender identities and how to talk about and with people in different relationship styles.
Probably two panels but focussed on the same ideologies of trust, respect and at the very least, acceptance of difference.

A one-hour quiz night. (Questions on overhead projector via a PowerPoint deck or something. At any given moment, it shows the last few questions. Questions read aloud _once_. Maybe 15 seconds per question. Mark rounds by swapping answer sheets with another table, then answers on the screen; wave your hand if you've got an answer in front if you that you don't know how to mark. Heads&Tails from start to finish in one minute. Lollies for funny answers. I figure you can do 6 to 10 rounds in an hour.)

The first one is "The Writer's Interview". Format of Inside the Actor's Studio and apply it to a one-on-one interview with a guest at Swancon. This will be very much a whole career retrospective: where they came from, what influenced them, what led them to the career they have today. (suggested panelist Grant W?, Kirstyn?)

“House of Cards: Disney Animation from 1995 to 2004” By 1994 Walt Disney Animation Studios had broken box office records around the world with The Lion King and was coasting high on the success of a string of massive hits. Just 10 years later and the studio was all but closed, with traditional animation falling in the path of CGI and Disney’s once-firmed monopoly shattered by a range of competitors. This presentation tracks the development of Walt Disney animation over that decade and explores how studio interference, accelerated production schedules and some of the strangest creative choices ever made brought a once-great studio to its knees. (Suggested panelist: Grant W)

Hanging up the Cape: American Superheroes in the 21st Century-Despite a growing range of titles being released across a variety of genres, American comic books remain dominated by superhero adventures. What is it about this definitively American genre that makes it so popular? What are its core conventions – the elements without which the genre simply stops working? How far can you stretch the superhero narrative before it breaks? Perhaps more importantly: what would it take for the USA to break its addiction to superheroes once and for all?

Terrors of the Second Draft - A lot of aspiring novelists focus so intently on getting their first draft compete that they never pause to consider what comes next: the rewrite. For some it’s a brilliant opportunity, for others an unwanted task filled with reluctance and dread. What is the best way to go about rewriting your fiction once you’ve completed it? What are the best tricks, techniques and tips to take your work from good to brilliant? What are the traps and pitfalls to avoid? A panel of professional writers discuss their own creative process in refining their works for publication.

Lost in Translation: Remaking International Horror in the USA - Horror films produced around the world are regularly picked up and re-made in Hollywood as glossy English-language duplicates, to be re-sold and distributed back around the world. Whether it’s The Ring, Let Me In, The Grudge or countless others, it seems there’s no good idea that the USA’s film studios won’t latch onto and adapt for American audiences. How to these adaptations change to appeal to new audiences? What is lost in the process and what, if anything, can be gained? What does a big-budget American film mean for the original production?

Out of This World and All Around It: Internal SF Cinema - Given Hollywood’s dominance over cinema worldwide, you would be forgiven for the thinking that all the best science fiction, fantasy and horror films are being made in the USA. Of course this isn’t the case, but it’s often very difficult to know what else there is out there. A team of panellists introduce the best genre film of the past three years: the gems, the cult hits and the movies so weird you wouldn’t believe they had been made.

Land of the Setting Sun: The End of Anime? - Japan’s once-thriving animation industry is undergoing an unprecedented decline. Studios are closing, the number of anime films in cinemas is falling, audiences in general are moving onto other things, and reliable stalwarts of the medium such as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata have announced their retirement. What does the future hold for anime? Who are the new directors worth watching? What are the current trends in genre and visual aesthetics? What will anime – and anime fandom – look like in five years’ time? Is it possible that we are seeing the end, for all intents and purposes, of Japanese animation?

Geeks Abroad: Being a Fan on Holiday - Going overseas, science fiction fan style! What are the opportunities to indulge in your love of speculative fiction when travelling to Europe, or Japan, or even China? A panel of international fan travellers share their hints, tips and weird personal experiences of going on holiday overseas – and finding some of the coolest geeky things to do while there. Whether it’s the best museums, special locations or just the coolest nerd/geek shops in the world’s capital cities, we’ll have you covered and will give you the low-down on planning your special trip – sci-fi style.

Cardboard Kaiju - Let’s get ready to rumble, giant monster style! In this special kids craft project, we’re going to use cardboard boxes and coloured paper to build our own city, and fabrics and other odds and ends to design our own giant monster costumes. Then we’re going to trash the city for good. Don’t just like giant monsters: be giant monsters. A special children’s event: come and build if you’re a kid (or kid at heart), or just come at the end to watch the action.

The Return of the Giant Monster - With the high profile releases in recent years of Godzilla and Pacific Rim, it seems like the giant monster (or “kaiju”) is back in fashion around the world. What is it about the giant monster that appeals to us so much? What can these movies give audiences that they can’t get from other speculative fiction films? Who are the best giant monsters, and what are the movies to seek out or actively avoid?

The Batman Problem - All things considered, Batman is probably the most popular superhero of all time. He recently celebrated his 75th birthday, he stars in numerous comic books each month, and for decades he’s been adapted for animation, television, videogames and film. The problem is: should we like him at all? He’s presented as a masked crime fighter saving the lives of countless Gothamites, but when you think about it he’s also a mentally unhinged billionaire who dresses in fetish outfits every night and assaults the mentally unwell. Come take a look at Batman and his fictional universe from a fresher perspective: you may not like what you see.

Big Finish panel, perhaps 'Full cast radio plays making a come back'.

feminism in Doctor Who, (either in storylines or companions).

Australian conrunners, can we make legal panels a thing? Even a reboot of the excellent one I saw would be awesome. Featuring the always excellent Wendy Bradley, among others, it sought to answer the questions 'can you declare yourself dead for a year for tax purposes?' And'can you use a time machine to contest your own will?'

Chocolate games of some sort

Monty python panel


Trailer Park

Video quiz

Intro to anime
onrunning stuff

fan olympics


There use to be craft, art and making workshops when Sara X was around. Homework panel. World building, iron writer, fanvids with Cathy C, discussions in the ring rather than panels, quidditch, raw cordial, raw cordial, raw cordial! How to draw Anime, how to make chain mail, costuming for LARPing, weird games, killer, easter egg hunt, academic stream. Ipongy Bang, SwanCon the card game, life-sized Robo Rally, Wonderland.....SwanCon!!!!!

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