Gen Con GM Hotel Reimbursement Request Form - 2019
If you ran enough events at Gen Con to qualify for a hotel reimbursement but did _not_ receive a complimentary room in the GM housing block, please complete this form to request a reimbursemnet of your share of your hotel bill.

Reimbursement is based on 4-person occupancy: eligible GMs will be reimbursed for 25% of room cost or $50 per night, whichever is _lower_. Only room & taxes are reimbursed. Any other charges (incidentals, amenities, etc.) are entirely your responsibility.

Only independent GMs and gaming groups are eligible for hotel reimbursement. Companies and any gaming groups or GMs sponsored by a company are not eligible in any way. If you receive any direct assistance from a company for your events (including prize support), you must contact to explain the extent of your relationship, but we attempt to be as understanding as is feasible.

Reimbursements are to individuals only. We do not pool payments to a single individual or group - it is your responsibility ensure costs are appropriately divided. Each GM must submit for reimbursement separately and provide their own copy of their bill.

Please refer to the Event Host Policy for full details on eligibility for hotel reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the badge refund process, email

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If your check needs to be made payable to a name different from what is listed in your account, please confirm here and explain.
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Group or Company Name
If you ran events for a gaming group or a company, enter their name here. Otherwise, leave this blank.
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Event IDs *
List the full game IDs of all the events you ran, separated by spaces and commas.
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What nights are you requesting reimbursement for? *
Reimbursement for Wednesday night is only provided for GMs who ran events on Thursday morning.
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This is the address your reimbursement check will be sent to.
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Have you turned in your hotel bill? *
Your name must be printed on the bill by the hotel itself and it must list the full cost of the room, not just your share. It must also include all the dates you are requesting reimbursement for. An online confirmation or email verification is not a bill - we require the receipt you are issued when you check out of the hotel. No exceptions will be made.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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