Project CLEAR Peer Educator Application
Project CLEAR (Consent Leads to Empowered and Affirming Relationships) is a partnership between Saint Paul Public Schools, RECLAIM, and SOS-Ramsey County and the Sexual Violence Center. The project includes education, therapy and crisis support for queer & trans youth and allies on topics related to dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sex trafficking.

The Project CLEAR Peer Educator application is open to high school-aged youth and young adults in the 2020-2021 school year, and who identify as queer/trans or allies. Our Peer Educator Training Program will prepare you to talk with your peers about topics related to violence, consent and healthy relationships in the queer & trans community. You'll also learn ways to get support if you, or someone you know, are being abused or hurt in any way. There will be a trained therapist facilitating at all times during the peer ed program, in case anyone needs extra support while we talk about tough stuff. The training will be conducted over Zoom for this Summer 2021 training period.

We value you and your time, and stipends of $250 will be available for those who complete the training!

This application will probably take about 15-20 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions or concerns about this application, please contact Project CLEAR staff at or Program Manager Maggie Druschel (they/them) by phone at 612-567-9565
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Please list an emergency contact.  (If you are under 18, this *must* be a parent or other legal guardian.)  We need their full name, their relationship to you (i.e. "mom" or "aunt") and their phone #. *
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What grade are you completing during the 2020-2021 school year? *
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Our schedule for the Summer 2021 training is Mondays, from 2:00pm-4:00pm, beginning June 28th and continuing until August 23rd, with a week off on June 5th. Can you make this work for your schedule? Are there any dates/times in there that you already know you can't attend? *
After the training period, would you be interested in potentially attending weekly meetings during the fall to build workshops and educational content based on the what you learn during training? *
Tell us about yourself!  (Whatever you want us to know about you...) *
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What about you (skills, personality traits, previous experience, etc.) will make you successful as a peer educator in your community? *
Please choose one adult who can serve as a reference for you (meaning, who knows you and can talk about why you're a good fit for this program).  This should not be a family member or friend.  It could be a teacher, coach, school counselor, supervisor or coworker at a job, religious leader, etc...  We need their name, and their phone number or email address. *
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