Pistoia Alliance Survey on an Ontologies Mapping Service
The purpose of this survey is to determine the need for an ontologies mapping service among Pistoia Alliance members. Ontologies can include controlled vocabularies and hierarchical terminologies.

This survey is designed for a limited target audience who are likely to be those people directly involved in the business and/or technical impact of ontologies and their mapping. It comprises of a few, mostly multiple choice questions, divided into business and technical sections which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. More than one response can be entered within an organisation or institution but an individual's name is required for follow-up, if necessary.

If you you would like to understand how ontologies mapping can improve coverage in a particular data domain then please contact ian.harrow@pistoiaalliance.org to learn more about this project.

Many thanks for completing this important survey for the the Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping Project. The online questionnaire will remain open until Fri 28th October 2016.

The first section of this survey consists mostly of business questions.

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Q1b: What is your role?
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Q1c: What is your name?
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Q2: Are ontologies being used in your organisation?
Q3: Is ontologies mapping being done already in your organisation?
Q4: Where is your ontologies mapping undertaken?
Q5: Would you be prepared to consider outsourcing ontologies mapping?
Q6: Do you make use of external ontology mappings?
Q7: Should Pistoia Alliance be considering implementing an ontologies mapping service in future?
Q8: What is the most important benefit you would gain from an external ontologies mapping service?
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