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Code of Conduct - Student Contract
This document must be initialed by the student and signed by both you and your parent / guardian before hall or equipment privileges can be granted.

Conduct in and out of the School

___________ 1. When working on assignments in school, I promise to remain on school grounds at all times and to not to use any other classrooms or parts of the building without prior permission. I also promise to be quiet in the hallways and if sound is needed, to select a location where classes will not be disturbed or to obtain prior permission from the teachers whose classrooms are affected. Complaints from any school personnel or any disruptive, inappropriate, or unethical behavior will not be tolerated and can be grounds for detention or dismissal from this class.

___________ 2. When working on assignments off campus, I promise to behave responsibly and maturely. My actions reflect directly on the school and this course and my privileges to work off-campus will be revoked if my behavior is a concern.

___________ 3. I promise to use school-appropriate language, shots, and music in all my work. While we may watch R-rated films which contain adult language and situations, I understand that my own work must be suitable for a high school audience. All video and audio MUST be approved by Mr. Weidkamp ahead of time. As he is the teacher, and ultimately responsible for the integrity of this course, I promise to abide by any decision he makes, whether I personally agree with him or not.

Film Equipment Responsibility and Production Expectations

___________ 4. I understand that all cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting equipment, cables, batteries, computers and dedicated Mac must be handled with extreme care and that any equipment loss or damage is the responsibility of the individual or group signing out the equipment. I also understand that equipment misuse will result in the loss of equipment privileges by the individual and/or group signing out the equipment.

___________ 5. I understand that all equipment must be signed out and signed in and checked by Mr. Weidkamp to be in proper working order. For overnight and out of school shoots, all equipment must be checked out after before school.

___________ 6. I understand that film production involves planning. Before equipment can be checked out, my group must have a completed and approved storyboard, shot list, or script. In addition, my group will know where and what we are going to shoot, and what each member of our group is supposed to do.

___________ 7. I understand that film production involves collaboration. Like planning, this is an important life skill, one that this course emphasizes and that I will surely need in college and work. All members in my group will have the chance to write, storyboard, shoot, and edit, and no one member should always do the same job. In addition, my group must be able to come to a consensus on an idea. Consensus means that we are willing to place the needs of the group above those of the individual. If we have a problem in our group, we will try to solve it. I understand that Mr. Weidkamp will not move students from group to group mid project.

___________ 8. I understand that film production requires me to be flexible and open-minded, and to be ready for surprises, which will undoubtedly occur.

" Integrity - Maintain the highest integrity and character.
" Respect - Respect all customers, peers, and property.
" Citizenship - Abide by all school rules and technology guidelines.
" Professionalism - Develop a positive, constructive, and courteous attitude.
" Work Ethic - Work constantly to solve problems and produce quality results.
" Responsibility - Be accountable for all your job responsibilities.
" Teamwork - Support a fun and productive team environment.
" Leadership - Inspire others by modeling ideal behaviors and values.

Students with disciplinary action from Administration while in the course will be subject to a review.

I have read and understand the above guidelines for conduct and responsibility to use equipment in IB Film.

Parent / Guardian Signature ___________________________________________________________ Date ______________________

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Do you agree to the above Code of Conduct? *
You will be asked to complete the form on the first few days of school.
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