Application for Female is looking for 2 girls (awper & entry) who are willing to put a lot of effort in becoming the best.
If you meet the requirements below and are interested in making this team please apply or reach out to someone from the team.

You must have:
Basic knowledge of the game, willing to self develop i.e. watch demos,dm, etc.

Past team and lan experience.

Be free to play 5+ days a week with 1 full day at the weekend.

Being assiduous and ponctual is mandatory.

What we can give you:
3 girls fully focused on becoming the best and willing to put the time and effort in as well as
bootcamps/lans+hotel+traveling expenses/gear and more to be discussed at an appropriate time.

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Where are you from? (country) *
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What roles do you play in game? *
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Why do you think you would be a good fit for our team?
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How much time are you willing to play per week? let us know when you can pracc. *
Are you willing to watch demos and do the boring part of the game in order to improve yourself *
What should you do in theory if you are on T side in a clutch situation 1v2. *
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