User requirements for a cycling water bottle
This survey is part of a master thesis in engineering, about water bottle manufacturing.
It takes 5-8 min. to answer, and consists of 26 quick questions about how important different aspects of a water bottle are to you. You pick between possible answers.
I am very thankful that you will take time answering the questions, and your answers add great value to my thesis.

It is about ordinary sports water bottles that fit into a bicycle bottle cage.

However, when you fill in the form, have in mind different types of use.
Such bottles can not only be used for all types of biking – road, MTB, gravel, triathlon, commuting etc.
They can also be used indoors, such as in the gym, at a badminton court, at yoga sessions, or at home. Or outdoors, such as on a soccer field or tennis court, hiking, or in the garden.
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