Brockley Max Volunteers - 29 May to 6 June
Please fill in as much information as is possible. It will help in scheduling you in appropriately! The main events we need volunteers for are the Opening Night (29 May), Brockleywood Nights (05 June) and Art in the Park (06 June). Most mid-week events will require volunteers to sell raffle tickets, steward the Brockley Max Exhibition at The Ladywell Tavern or assist the street artists as part of Brockley Street Art Festival.
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Please check as many activities you are interested in volunteering for. You won't necessarily be scheduled for all of these but helps give us an idea of how to distribute volunteers. If you want some more information on the roles please contact Rosanna on or 07983 361 332
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Gives us a general idea of your availability. You won't necessarily be scheduled for all times you are available, but it helps gives us a general idea of how to distribute volunteers. If you are available during May for programme distribution please detail these days in the space provided below along with any specific timing concerns or requests.
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Please provide any specific detail to your availability here
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Your enthusiasm is enough! But it helps for us to know if you've got a specific skill which could help us out. e.g. photography, technician etc.
Access requirements
Brockley Max will try and accommodate access requirements, but cannot guarantee that all events will be accessible
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