2nd Psychology Research Congress
The research congress is an outlet for starting researchers to communicate their study to the scientific community. This is an open invitation to all undergraduate students in the Philippines who are looking for outlets to present their research papers. The congress will be held at Michael Richartz Hall, University of San Carlos, Cebu City on March 24, 2018. The research congress is free of any admission or registration fees - all psychology majors are invited! The only requirement is you bring your school ID and your psych friends. See you!
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All fields are required. Although there will be both oral and poster presentation, the screening committee will identify which of the abstracts submitted will be in oral or poster presentation. Deadline for submission of abstract is on February 12, 2018 and the screening results will be communicated in the first week of March.
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In not more than 200 words, provide your ABSTRACT. Make sure that the abstract contains necessary information such as 1) the gap in the literature that the study is aiming to address, 2) the objectives of the study, 3) methods, 4) results and brief discussion. *
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Who are the authors of the study? Start with the family name, first name, and middle initial then put semi-colon to add other authors (example: Batara, Sasha L.; Oamelda, Lala R.; Lamberte, Kiara A.) . You may arrange the authors according to their contribution in the study. *
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