Parent/Guardian-Rated Child Mental Wellness Questionnaire (Age: 6-17)
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This questionnaire is designed for a parent/guardian to assess the mental health of their child (11-17 years in age). If you do not meet this criteria please complete the appropriate questionnaire from the list below.

- Adult Mental Wellness Questionnaire (Age: 18+):
- Child Mental Wellness Questionnaire (Age: 11-17):


The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain an initial general assessment of a child’s mental health. The response to each question should be from the parent/guardian of the child - regarding their own perception of their child's mental health. These responses should not be given on behalf of the parent/guardian unless they have difficulty answering the questions on their own. If you are submitting for an individual on their behalf it is with the understanding that you have full legal permissions to do so. The results of this questionnaire do not replace clinical evaluation or treatment but instead serve as a guide for parents/guardians to better understand their child's mental condition. By completing and submitting this questionnaire you are consenting to the use of any data included for research purposes on behalf of IMHS.
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