Stake Pool Operator Questionnaire
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Understanding your personal information
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About your server infrastructure
What data center or cloud service will you run your stake pool from? *
If you plan to use a physical server, what can you tell us about the hardware?
What network hardware, service(s), and bandwidth do you expect to use? *
What server and network firewalls do you plan to use? *
What involvement do you have in the open source movement? *
How may public relays do you anticipate running?
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Where is your stake pool going to be geographically located? (City, Country) *
Do you have experience using linux? *
Do you have experience running services on the web? *
Do you have experience using Platform As A Service (PAAS)? *
Do you have experience using a command line interface? *
Do you have experience using nixops for deployment? *
Do you have experience using prometheus for monitoring? *
Will you have a 24/7 on-call rotation for monitoring your stake pool? *
Approximately how much stake do you anticipate backing the stake pool with as the owner? *
Understanding your commercial strategies
What marketing capability do you have to promote your stake pool to the community and wider ecosystem? *
How do you currently differentiate yourself in the market? *
What ideas do you have about how you can differentiate yourself in the market when you launch as a stake pool operator? *
What is your revenue generation model for your operation? *
How important is the proceeds of the staking fee for your operation? *
Understanding your participation in the industry
What other staking or mining operations in cryptocurrency are you now or have you been involved with in the past? *
What involvement do you have in terms of proposing and/or making changes to the codebase for the cryptocurrencies you work with? *
If you have stopped supporting a particular cryptocurrency can you explain the reasons for doing so? *
What are the challenges you experience when it comes to working in this industry from an operation? *
Do you acknowledge that testnet ada will be used for staking and that real ada will not be used? *
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