Art Grant Agreement Form
In order to receive payment, the person completing this grant agreement form must be a U.S. resident. This is the contact person for fiscal purposes, not necessarily the lead artist.
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Lead Artist Name (if different)
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Name of Project or Installation *
Dollar Amount of Art Grant *
AGREEMENT: By accepting the terms and conditions, the Grant Recipient understands and agrees that granted funds are to be used only for the purposes set forth in their application, which is incorporated by reference herein. If, for whatever reason, the art project does not appear at the specified event, the Grant Recipient is responsible for returning the entire amount of the Art Grant funds to Burnt Oranges no later than 30 days following the conclusion of the event. Art Grant Recipients are expected to exhibit their art at PreHeat 2021 ( Reincarnation: Rise of the Phoenix). The only exception to this is uncontrollable ‘Acts of God,’ or cancellation of the event, which are defined at the discretion of Burnt Oranges. Grant Recipient agrees that Burnt Oranges may take photographs of the art project for use in promotional materials and consents to such use. Grants of $600 or more will not be issued unless Grant Recipient submits a form W9 in addition to this agreement.* *
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