2016 Mentors, Advisors, and Peers (MAPs) for DC/Baltimore WIB for WIB Members
Please provide the following information: (Only MAPs committee members and WIB leadership will have access to this information.)
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When forming MAPs groups, WIB takes into account a member's interests and preference in location. Is the location or interests of a MAPs group more important to you? How far would you be willing to travel to take part in a group?
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MAPs groups are 6 - 10 women that meet to discuss topics important to their career growth and professional development. A MAPs group leader will email their group to organize the first meeting. Each group can have several leaders.Are you interested in being a group leader?
In your MAPs group, what kind of role would you be most comfortable with being in
Why are you interested in joining a MAP group? Please share any other comments that will help in assigning you into your group. If not applicable please put N/A.
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MAPs-University groups are a way for WIB members to mentor graduate students about career development while fostering relationships. MAPs-University group meetings would occur in the evening at the university and interested WIB members would be eligible to attend as many or as few meetings as they choose.Are you interested in being part of a MAPs-University group as a mentor or mentee? At which university would you be interested in taking part of a MAPs-University meeting? What is your preferred meeting time? If not applicable please put N/A.
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