Elm City Rotary Allocations Submission Keene
Each year the Elm City Rotary funds the KECR Local Allocations Grant.
In order to apply for this grant the following criteria must be met or it will not be considered.

1) The request must be made by a non-profit group or organization
2) The request must provide for a direct benefit of children
3) The request must benefit children of need in cheshire county, New Hampshire
4) The request must not be specifically for a capital campaign
5) The request must not be for an individual scholarship

Maximum allocation for the fiscal year is $1,000.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact
Ann Heffernon

Thank you and we wish you the best.

In a 25 word or less description of the entity making the request, including its mission. *
Please include a link to website if you have one.
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Will funds help children with financial needs? *
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Will funds may be used for Health, recreation or movement? *
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Will funds be used for arts or education? *
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Will funds promote community involvement? *
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