Developers who aren't Yet Contributors or Maintainers of Open Source Projects
All questions are optional. I want your perspective and experience but only what you're comfortable sharing.

I'm developing a a talk and I want to get the perspectives of the community before I fully form the idea for it. I promise not to share any identifying information without your permission.
How many years have you been programming?
Clear selection
What is keeping you from contributing to open source?
Can't find a project? Nervous of the community? Don't have time? Just don't want to?
What can project maintainers and seasoned contributors do to help?
Pairing, holding information sessions, posting their project do's/don'ts (ex. code style preferences)
What programming language or framework do you work with most often?
Ruby gems, Rails, Python, JavaScript
Optional: Link to github profile or twitter
If you're comfortable sharing this I may want to follow up with you
Anything else you want to share about open source?
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