Celtic Junction Arts Center - Education Program Request Form
Celtic Junction Arts Center provides training in the Celtic arts of music, dance, language and literature.  We would love to share our knowledge on some or all of these topics with the students at your school, business or event.  In order to create the best experience for your audience, please answer the following questions.  We will contact you to review your responses and create a plan for your program with the Celtic Junction Arts Center.
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Contact Information
Please choose one person who will be the main contact when discussing and finalizing arrangements.  Please provide the following information for that person.
Organization Name
Contact Person Name
Contact Person Email
Contact Person Phone Number
Visit Specifics
Please provide the following information for your preferred visit dates, activities, and number of students.
What month would you like for us to visit your school? *
If there are specific dates that work best for your school, please indicate those below.
Which grade-levels would you like to have meet with us? (Check all that apply) *
Roughly how many students do you have per grade level?
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How much time would you like for each grade level/ group to spend with our instructors? *
What time of day will work best for our visit?
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With 1 being the least important and 5 being the most important, which subjects/topics are you most interested in us sharing with your students?
Irish Dance *
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Traditional Irish Music *
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Irish Language *
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Irish Literature *
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Activity Space
Please provide details about the space available for our visit.
Is there a dedicated space available where students can dance, sing and interact with our instructors where they will not disrupt other activities in the school? *
If yes, please give a short description of the space including an approximate size, and flooring type.
Arrival Details
Please provide details about entering the building and contact people within the building on the day of your event.
Which entrance should our instructors use?
Is there a specific contact person in the school office?
General Information
Can we provide information to your students about classes and events taking place at our home location, The Celtic Junction, in St. Paul? *
Will our instructor's vehicles require any special permission to park at or near your school? *
Do you have any other questions, comments or special details about your school/event that have not previously been covered?
Do you have any budget for this visit? (CJAC has limited annual funding for completely free programs.  We pay our staff and educators for visits.) *
If you have funding for this visit, what is your budget range? (We will do our best to craft a visit for you whenever possible, pending staff required.)
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