Food Connection Black Mountain: Food Donor Application
Thank you for your interest!

We believe that no fresh food should end up in the trash while people go hungry. Food Connection relives hunger while reducing waste by connecting surplus, freshly prepared meals with those experiencing food insecurity. Since 2014, Food Connection has rescued over 100,000 meals and connected those meals to families, kids, veterans and seniors in need.

Our goal is to make it easy to donate excess food, which keeps your good food from going to waste! Upon submission of this application, we will review your information and contact you to discuss your participation prior to your first donation. Your submission of this application confirms that you will operate within the boundaries of the system outlined below and only donate food that you would feel comfortable serving at your establishment.

Participating food donors:
● Ensure that their employees are familiar with Food Connection and the food rescue process. We find the most success with organizations who have a key staff member championing the work of food rescue and acting as the point of contact for Food Connection pickups. We can help support you by offering an on-site visit and education session with your staff.
● Provide disposable containers for the donated food (must be at least 18 portions of freshly prepared food).
● Handle donated foods in the same manner as food served to customers, i.e. keep the food at proper temperatures and follow North Carolina Food Safety Guidelines.
● Label the food with your organization name, description of the item, and the date and time it was saved.

Don't worry! Once you are confirmed as a participating donor, we will send all of the above information to you so you have it handy going forward.

Have questions? Please contact us at or visit
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