Brawlers Blend Survey - Top Games of All-Time
Responses open Feb 26th - April 9th
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Brawling Brothers and Bored Online Board Offline - Brawlers Blend - Top Games of all Time
The intent of this survey is to gather all the TOP favorite games from Brawling-Land in order to compile a "Brawling Blend" of most Favorited board games. Your responses will also be compared to the TOP lists of both Brandon and Josh -- purely for entertainment purposes, of course. This survey should take you less between 5 - 10 min to complete. In addition to the questions you will be answering throughout the survey, you will have the opportunity at the end of to leave any open comments/ suggestions you would like to provide.
We will ask for some personal information. This information will only be seen by Brawling Brother and Bored Online Board Offline (not used for spam) We will discuss the results of this survey in an upcoming episode
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