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Solutions Not Sides offers personalised sessions for youth groups following discussions with an SNS staff member about the requirements of your group and what you would like them to get from an SNS session. Youth leaders must confirm they are able to facilitate all the sessions for their participants that they book, and that agreed preparation work will be completed. The sessions are suitable for ages 14+ and up to 30 participants. It is vital that a youth leader is present in all sessions for safeguarding and behaviour management.

As a registered charity, we aim to offer an educational service to community youth groups that is affordable - to the point of being free if necessary, in order to ensure that no institution or group is excluded from benefiting from this service due to a lack of funds. If you are booking a session in coordination with a local council, they may be covering costs for this.

However, although we receive some core funding both from generous donors and HM Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, we ask that for having our speakers come for a live session rather than an online session, you pay the suggested contribution, as the core funding we receive is not currently enough to cover all of our costs. If you don't have the budget, we can always run an online session with speakers for you for free!
Normal cost for an in-person session: £250
Recommended donation for an online session (optional): £50-£100

The educational elements of a Solutions Not Sides session are:
• Humanising encounters
• Diverse narratives
• Critical-thinking skills

Each youth group session is 90-minutes to 3-hours. Preparation materials appropriate to the age and prior knowledge of your group will be provided. A break will be included in longer sessions.
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