ʻĀina kupuna data collection initiative
Please have one representative from your ʻohana provide us information about the ʻāina kupuna that is part of your ʻohana.
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1. First name (or name you go by)
2. Last name
3. Email
4. What ʻohana name(s) (last names) are associated with your ʻāina kupuna?
5. What mokupuni (island) is your ʻāina kupuna located on?
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6. What moku (regional district) is your ʻāina kupuna located on?
7. What ahupuaʻa (district) or other specific district is your ʻāina kupuna located on?
8. Does someone in your ʻohana still own this ʻāina kupuna?
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9. If you answered "no" to Item 8, what reasons were involved in this ʻāina no longer being owned by your ʻohana? (Check all that apply and then skip to Item 11.)
10. If you answered "yes" to Item 8, which items below would describe your 'ohana's experience regarding your 'āina kupuna? (Check all that apply.)
11. If advocacy efforts were forwarded (e.g., a new county ordinance) to address one or more of the strains ʻohana face in trying to maintain ownership and use of ʻāina kupuna, would you be open to being contacted about such efforts?
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