MDP Young Adult Survey
Please complete this survey if you are a young adult at MDP!
Please indicate your marital status so that I can get a sense of the group please! *
Please indicate your age. *
Do you think there should be an "age out" age for this group? If yes, what age? *
Please only answer this question if you are unmarried: Do you think children can be present at our YA gatherings, or do you think these gatherings should just be for adults?
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Please only answer this question if you are married: Would you like to be able to bring your children to YA events?
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Do you think there is a need for a separate ministry for families with young children, or do you think this can coexist within the Young Adult group? (This doesn't mean you can't be in both!) *
Please indicate which of the following you would be interested in. You can select more than one. *
How often would you be able to/want to attend a Young Adult event such as those listed above?
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What time of day works best for you for an event such as those listed in the first question? (Select multiple)
Do you WANT a Young Adult Group here at MDP, or do you think it is unnecessary? *
What other suggestions or thoughts do you have? Anything you think I should know?
If you would be interested in being a part of leadership/decision making for this group, please provide your name and email address!
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