Parenting Classes Survey
This 3 minute survey was created with Willowstone Family Services and is completely anonymous. This survey is a set of questions that will help to discover if there is a need for parenting classes and your perceptions of parenting classes. It will also help find the most successful way to reach out to the community.
What social media platforms do you use?
Have you heard of Willowstone Family Services?
What is your marital status?
Are you a parent?
How many children do you have living in your household?
How many are your biological children?
What age range/s are your children?
What things do you want to improve on in your family life? Check all that apply.
Have you participated in parenting classes before? (Based on response please respond to one of the two questions below)
If yes, would you participate again/how did you benefit from it?
Your answer
If no, what would stop you from participating in a parenting classes?
Your answer
Please add any additional comments on what services and support you would like to have in the community?
Your answer
Thank you for your response!
All response are anonymous. This survey will help to gauge the effectiveness of parenting programs and if they will succeed in the community. If you wish to learn more about parenting classes please visit Willowstone Family Services at their website located at We thank you again for your time.
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