[SA.FE] - part of the [SOUND] alliance: Step one for recruits
Welcome to [SOUND] recruiting! Before you apply, please read the points below to understand our expectations of members.

1. Read our white paper https://www.of-sound-mind.com/.

2. Be ready to provide a limited API key (full account except for the communications section). Invited members must then provide full API keys to our auth system.

3. You should be willing to use several applications outside of the eve client once you join. Currently we expect members to use: Slack, Teamspeak, Siggy, our web forum, and a wiki. Wow such accounts!

4. We only accept mains. We don't accept people with split loyalties. This means we are relatively strict about your alts as well. Apply on your main and be ready to commit to our corp fully. Some examples: a trade alt is no problem, but alts in other faction warfare groups or PL are not OK.

5. New members are invited on a trial basis. The trial period gives us a chance to get to know each other. Some assets in our home will be off limits to you during that time. The "trial" title also flags new people to our ombudsman, so they can check in with you and see how you are doing. All activities and fleets are open to trial members. We encourage trials to take part just as any other member would. If you are too proud for the "trial member" title, you should probably apply to some other group :)

6. The thought you put into this application will be reflected in the consideration we give it. Carelessly done apps will be easy for us to reject without caring much ourselves.

7. Be honest. There are many possible answers to these questions, and your honesty will help us both to determine whether you are a good match. Once we review your application, we'll contact you via an evemail to set up a time to talk more one-on-one.
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What is the name of your main? *
example: Chribba
Please provide an evewho.com link to your main character *
What are some days/times you will be free in the next week or so to chat with a recruiter?
example: M-F 1900-0200 UTC/EvE
Is this your first EVE character? If not, what happened to your first character? What are the full in-game names of your alts? *
How did you hear about us? *
What timezone do you usually play in? *
Is there anything else you'd like to add about your timezone / typical play time?
Tell us the story of your EVE career. How long have you played? In which corps/alliances? Why did you leave them? Are there аny relationships (positive or negative) of note with persons and/or corps/alliances from your past? *
Why are you leaving your current corporation or alliance and why do you want to join SOUND? What other groups have you looked into? *
What are your thoughts on the cultural aspects of our white paper? (linked above) *
Tell us about how you make isk. Do you try to, or want to, grind isk so you can play EVE for free? *
Tell us how you feel about losing your pod regularly. Do you use implants? Have you ever lost a pod? *
Tell us about your favorite fight you've been in within EVE. What was it you enjoyed? If you haven't been playing EVE long enough for that, tell us about some of your other favorite games instead, and why did you choose to try out EVE? *
Have you ever used skill injectors? What did you inject and why? Even if you've never used one, if someone gave you one for free, what would you use it on? *
What are your experiences with PVP so far? What sort of PVP would you like to do more of? (You should know that SOUND is PVP-focused and the support we offer pilots is structured mostly around PVP. We allow PVE, but if you prefer to do industry or focus on PVE to the exclusion of most or all PVP, this isn't the place for you.) *
We expect our members to live with us wherever we go. Currently we consider Syndicate (NPC-controlled nullsec) our home base, but are semi-nomadic and move to where we can get the content we want. What are your thoughts on living in nullsec? Moving when we inevitably restage? *
We have a variety of doctrines (a set of ships that we fly in fleets together). What will you do if you can't fly any of the ships in one or more of these sets? What will you do when we introduce new doctrines? *
This is a space for you to add anything else you'd like to tell us about your application:
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