Open Source Ecology - Team Culturing Survey
Help OSE build the Global Village Construction Set

OSE has many tech development projects in the works--from concept design to prototyping to beta testing. One way for remote contributors all over the world to get involved is to participate in our Design Sprints. Take this QUICK survey to let us know more about you, and how you can contribute. By singing up, you will receive notices of ad-hoc Design Sprints where we collaborate on critical design problems in realtime via Google Hangouts and cloud-collaborative Docs - to produce new design rapidly by tapping global collaboration. By signing up you agree to make all your work open source under the CC-BY-SA or other OSHWA-compliant hardware license or FSF/OSI compliant software license.

If you have questions, please contact info at opensourceecology dot org.

Note: This google drive has been deprecated as we migrate to a self-hosted, open-source phpList alternative.

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