Puppets in Therapy - a client perspective

This questionnaire is supposed filled in by the therapist when sitting together with the client as a treatment period is coming to an end. However, it is the only in the last part (C) that the client needs to be present when filling in. There is an informational client video further down (2 ½ minutes).

The questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 min to fill in. It consists of three parts:

A: Basic information
B: Intervention information
C: Evaluation of the therapy sessions

One form each is filled in per client. The word client is used throughout the questionnaire but can include a patient, a couple, a family, a group or alike. If group treatment is given participants who wish can fill in one questionnaire each, together with the therapist. Children as well as adults can be included. You can print out the questions and fill in the questions electronically afterwards if that makes things easier. The questionnaire can be filled in throughout this year, 2019.


The client is anonymous in this questionnaire. Responses will only be presented on group level. However, if the client wishes to participate in an interview he / she is asked to leave e-mail address. The questionnaire is password protected for safety reasons. If you do not have the password already e-mail address below.


If you have questions e-mail Åsa Viklund at research@artpsychotherapy.se

PLEASE OBSERVE: E-mail address below refers to the the therapist´s e-mail. It will not be shared with others.

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