2018 Spring Parent Survey
Please choose the most accurate option to describe your experience with Gardner Public Schools.
Please indicate your school. *
This school provides my child with a safe place to learn. *
This school is friendly looking, clean and well-maintained (things that are broken get fixed quickly) *
The school helps my child connect to interesting activities and opportunities after school and in the community. *
The school provides my child equal access to all programs, including athletics and other extracurricular activities. *
I feel accepted as a valued member of my school community. *
My child enjoys going to this school. *
My child's school does an excellent job meeting his/her needs. *
I trust the staff at my child's school. They do as they say. *
I am confident my child can master the skills he/she is expected to learn in classes this year. *
Teachers really make an effort to get to know my child. *
The school provides me with a variety of opportunities to participate actively in school decision-making and school improvement. *
Teachers connect school work to things that interest my child. *
Staff at my school teach students strategies to manage the emotions that affect their learning; for example, frustration, anxiety, anticipation, embarrassment, etc. *
Teachers have high academic expectations for my child - they expect my child to achieve. *
My child's classes inspire him/her to want to learn. *
My child's teachers understand my child's/family's unique strengths, interests, and specific needs. *
When my child struggles academically, socially or emotionally he/she quickly gets the help he/she needs. *
My child's school is helping my child discover things he/she is interested in or good at. *
Teachers at this school help my child understand and work with students who are different than him/her. *
The school gives me a clear information about how I can support my child's academic progress at home. *
The school gives me clear information about what my child is expected to learn each year. *
My child's school values the diversity of the students and families in our community. *
My child has made good friends at this school. *
My child has adults at the school he/she can really talk to. *
Students at the school support each other. *
My child has been picked on or bullied at this school. *
Staff at the school listen to my ideas, suggestions, and concerns. *
Teachers share my child's progress, improvement, and successes with me. *
This school does a great job challenging my child to reach his/her full potential. *
My child's classes really make him/her think. *
My child will keep trying even when school work is hard. *
My child thinks about how his/her actions and choices will affect others. *
My child can remain calm and manage his/her emotions even if stressed, angry or provoked. *
I feel welcome at my child's school. *
I feel well-informed about how my child is doing in school. *
The school gives me clear information about what my child is expected to learn each year. *
Teachers at my child's school notice when a student needs help. *
I feel well-informed about where my child needs support. *
My child is often bored in classes. *
My child states that students are often disruptive in class.
My child's teachers connect the curriculum to students' lives outside the classroom.
My child states that students follow school rules.
The school does a good job helping my child develop important social emotional skills; for example, persistence, resilience, getting along with others, problem-solving. *
Teachers give my child good feedback about how to improve academically. *
I would recommend this school to another parent looking for a school for their child. *
The school provides meaningful ways to involve a variety of parents. *
My school helps connect me to school and community resources that support my child's learning needs. *
School staff respond quickly when I have a question or need help. *
Behavior issues and discipline at my child's school are are handled fairly. *
The school helps parents connect with and support each other. *
When my child is in need, the school involves parents in decisions about how best to support him/her (for example, academic support, discipline, social emotional support, future planning). *
I am kept up-to-date about school activities and events. *
I am encouraged to participate in school activities and events. *
I've met all of my child's teachers. *
I feel knowledgeable about the District's Title I program. *
I feel knowledgeable about our school's status as a Title I school. *
I know what the Title I School-Parent Compact is. *
I am an active participant in the school PTO. *
What do you like most about your school?
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What would you change about your school?
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Do you have any other suggestions, comments or feedback for the school?
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What grade is your child in? *
What is your first language? *
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An interpreter is provided for me at my child's school.
Communication is sent home in my first language. *
Is your student receiving English Language Learner (ELL) support at school? *
Do you have internet access? *
How would you prefer communication from the school be sent to you? *
What is your race/ethnicity?
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