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​Historically Black Neighborhood (HBN) residents are fighting back to protect their neighbors---not just their neighborhoods! The HBN Assembly is a reoccurring group call and meeting aimed at bringing Black Louisvillians together to develop policies and other strategies that work to protect, preserve, and stabilize Black communities (#freedomcolonies) against the violence of gentrification.

Low-income and fixed income renters and homeowners have the highest risk of displacement, dispossession, and banishment as property taxes and rent rates continue to rise in our neighborhoods. Current residents deserve the right to remain healthy in their home during a national pandemic and beyond, despite what changes may come to their community.  

The HBN Assembly is led by current and returning residents of HBN in Louisville, KY. Check out the HBN website! It was designed to support the network of organizing efforts happening across the city. Use this site to access information and resources. Our community is building power to collectively fight for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors! Will you stand with us? Website link:
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