Questionable Research Labs - School Holidays
2020 July Holidays: This form signs you up to attend one or both of our days during the holidays.

Not Serious Day: 9th 8:30(ish) to 5(ish).
This first Thursday of the holidays is our not serious day. It is for hanging out with friends, playing games, playing more games and then well... probably blowing up a minecraft world or something.

Serious Day: 16th 8:30(ish) to 5(ish).
The second Thursday is for coding, making, creating, working on projects, it doesn't matter what, with friends and a bit of game playing on the side. A brain expanding day of seriously questionable stuff.

Older Members (13+): Let me know if you think we should continue into the evening. Maybe to 8:30? If there is enough of you I will book the hall for longer.

Cost which includes lunch: $45
As with all that we do, do not let money be a barrier. If it is a problem there is sponsorship available.
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