Virtual Learner Parent/Student Contract
This learning option is being offered on a temporary basis due to the current public health emergency. The Union Township School Corporation retains the right to discontinue this program in its sole discretion upon at least one-week notice to participating families. Additionally, this option may not be the right fit for some students and the school retains the right to require a student to return to in-person instruction, as more specifically explained below.

--Families who choose to participate in the Virtual Learning option must commit to a grading period (elementary) or trimester (middle/high). After August 12, parents may change their student option ONE TIME prior to August 24. Should the health emergency continue, families will have an opportunity to continue participation by notifying their respective schools one week prior to the end of the designated grading period.

--Participation in the Virtual Learning option does not disqualify a student for participation in athletic activities/extracurricular activities. (This applies for ONLY UTSC virtual learning students.)

--A student who does not maintain regular attendance as outlined below may be withdrawn from the virtual learning program and required to return to in-person instruction at school at the sole discretion of the School.

--Notice of the School’s intent to withdraw a student from the virtual or remote learning program will be provided to parents at least one week in advance.

--A student who is withdrawn from the virtual learning program will not be permitted to return to the virtual learning program during the 2020-2021 school year.

Student/Parent Expectations and Responsibilities:

--This option will require a substantial amount of parental engagement.

--It is the responsibility of the parent to monitor and encourage the student through the learning process provided.

--Parents must provide assurances and reliable access to internet connectivity.

--Parents and students must agree to not share or record any videos or resources that are delivered electronically through the UTSC Google platform and/or Canvas.

--Students are expected to maintain a regular school day, participate synchronously as directed by the teacher.

--Students will be expected to submit work each week day as assigned.

--Students and parents are encouraged to be proactive in using resources, such as contacting the teacher for additional instructional support.

--Parents are expected to meet (virtually or in-person) with teachers as needed throughout the school year, as deemed necessary by the teacher or parent.


--Students must maintain regular attendance, the same as if s/he was attending school in-person. Attendance for virtual learning is defined as virtual presence during the regular school hours on a day in which virtual instruction is being offered, which means participating in synchronous and asynchronous activities as directed by the teacher and completing all work by the deadline.

--Parents must call-in to report absences the same as if the student was attending school in-person. Absences should be called in or emailed to the school office by 9:00 a.m. each school day. Attendance will be recorded daily.

--A student will be considered habitually truant if s/he has been absent ten (10) or more days within the school year without being excused or without being absent under a parental request that has been filed with the school. These students will face the same consequence, such as Project Attend, as those in-person students.

Administrative Withdrawal:
A student may also be withdrawn from the virtual or remote learning program and required to return to in-person instruction at school if the student fails to make adequate academic progress and/or to ensure sufficient engagement in a virtual or remote learning program as determined by the sole discretion of the School.
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