CT Copy-Trading
āœ… Our trades will be automatically copied on your Binance Account. So, your funds will stay safe on your own account and you Do Not Need to send your funds to us or anyone else for trading.

šŸ’¹ Estimated daily profit : 0.5% - 2% (Based on past performance)

šŸ’² Trading Pairs : USDT_All and BTC_All (Only best coin pairs are chosen manually for trading)

If you choose USDT_All pairs, your base currency will be USDT and for BTC_All the base currency will be BTC. You will earn profits in your chosen base currency and also share your profits the same currency.

šŸ’° Required Amount of Funds :

USDT Pairs : 250 USDT (Minimum)
BTC Pairs : 0.0012 BTC (Minimum)

You must keep some BNB (Binance Coin) to get 25% discount on your Binance trading fees (Binance Fee : 0.075% of total trading volume). If you do not have BNB, it will be automatically bought from your balance while we activate your account.

āŽ Our goal is to make 0 losses and 100% trade wins. So please, do not sell any coin yourself. They will be automatically bought at the correct moment and sold with profits. A trade may run from a few minutes to up to a several days, depending on the market. This is a one time setup and forget strategy. You just have to fill out this form and enjoy your profit by the end of every 14 days. There is nothing else that you need to do yourself.

šŸ‘‰ Join & Get up to 20% discount on Binance Trading Fees : https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=HQ8NS8EG

āš ļø Important! Never move/transfer/withdraw any amount from the allocated funds without contacting us, to avoid losses. We use DCA Strategy for trading, which means some of the allocated funds will be used for placing base order and the rest will remain on your account for placing safety orders later. If you move any amount from the allocated funds, then our strategy will not work and you might end up losing some trades.

So, to move your funds from allocation or if you would like to stop trading, please contact us first!

šŸ‘ Join our Telegram Group for any queries : https://t.me/cryptotwistofficial

šŸŽ No subscription fees, No advanced payment is required. We give you the opportunity to pay your fees only from your profits!

After each 14 Days of copy trading, you must share 30% of your trading profits to continue copying our trades. You will receive an email containing your profit summary and instructions to complete the payment after each 14th day.

* We reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any moment without prior notice.
Please, read the above description carefully! šŸ‘†
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