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How long do you want to help out for? For example, if you want to help for a week, but are available for any of 3 weeks, then enter '7' here, and tick the days you're available for on the signup form. Please bear in mind you may not be assigned the maximum number of days requested as we hope to accommodate as many people on tour as possible.
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If you know already what dates you are available for, then please let us know. Please bear in mind that the date ranges given include travel days either side, travel days being days when we swap leaving/arriving demonstrators and so do not run events on such days. For example if you were to choose week 1 (Mon 2 July - Fri 7 July) - you will arrive with us on the Monday, events will run Tuesday-Thursday and Friday will be when you leave and new demonstrators arrive. It may be possible to leave on the evening of your last event (e.g. Thurs in the above example) if this has been sorted with the committee, but arrival must be the first date of the range specified. Please be aware that not all events have been confirmed at this point in planning, so some of the dates may change between now and tour, but we'll let you know when the final dates are confirmed!
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If you already know where you'll be travelling from then let us know (CHaOS will usually be able to pay for travel within the UK needed to join the Roadshow)
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CHaOS runs training sessions for new demonstrators to allow you to have a go at demonstrating the kind of experiment you are likely to use at our events. The sessions are also be an opportunity to get answers to any questions that you might have in person.
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We require all volunteers who go on tour to have an enhanced DBS check, as is standard for anyone in the UK who works with children. This shouldn't be any more trouble than filling in a form and presenting some documents, but do let us know if you have any questions.
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Most people won't fit in any of these categories, but please let us know if you do!
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