HMS Summer Reading Survey 2018
We'd like to find out what Hillcrest Middle Schoolers read this summer. How many books were read? What books were the most popular? What types of books were favorites? To do so, please fill out the questions below using the information you have listed on your own personal summer reading list that you have brought to class.
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Of all the books you read this summer, what was the TITLE of your FAVORITE BOOK? *
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How would you rate your FAVORITE BOOK read this summer for each of the following.... *
(5)=Outstanding---(4)=Very Good---(3)=Good----(2)=Fair----(1)=Poor----(NA)= not applicable
Storyline or information given in the book
Overall rating
People/characters in the book
Length of the book
Author's style of writing
Vocabulary/words the author used
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