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How many miles from home did you travel to get here?
Did you go to the Used Equipment Auction? How was it?
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Including this visit, how many times have you been to our festival?
Do you think our festival is "too big" or "too crowded"?
In other words, do we need to pay more attention to spacing?
How would you rate the healthiness of the food choices?
Few healthy choices
Many healthy choices
How "friendly" did you find the Fairgrounds staff?
All smiles
Could you easily distinguish between festival volunteers and Fairgrounds staff?
How important is it to have Zero Waste happening at events like this?
Separating compost from trash from recyclables
Doesn't matter
We won't survive without it
Is our Zero Waste To-Go Ware working? Check all that apply
What are your Festival plans for next year?
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Did you get what you wanted from the Souvenir Tent?
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Did you notice a lack of public transportation options to and from the festival? How did that affect you?
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Would you consider carpooling?
While it's fresh in your mind, list your best experiences of the weekend
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And what did you notice needs improving?
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