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Food Trucks Vs Vendors

No Food Trucks are not FREE, ONLY Information & Local Business. Let us know if you have Power & Running Water. All food trucks must pay for $150 package for 1 day and $250 package for 2 days.

Product Vendors have the opportunity to sell at this event in the Local Market Place & Elite Dedication Market Row. Elite Dedication being the premiere Areas in the Dedication Event. There is no charge for Product Vendors if their product is under $3, unless they need Power. For under $3 Product Vendors they must Rent Table from JX for the day at $50...

Information Vendor have the opportunity to setup in the Local Market Place. These set-up is a cost of $35 due to the fact their isn't any profit being generated.

If any vendor wants to upgrade there package must do so before May 1st.
We want none of your Gross this event is designed to benefit all.

This was a No Money atmosphere meaning everything would have been purchased by tickets to insure every purchased is tracked. We will no longer use this option all vendors will accept CA$H from the costumer. If you previously was told you had to pay a 25% of profits after vendor fee is recouped is no longer a option. If you have locked in your contracts and received a certificate you no longer have to worry about the 25% of profits. .You still will receive your 2 days vending opportunity.

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Payments can be made through cash app/paypal starting Feb 21st
If you need another way to pay your Vendors fee please contact us on FB or IG @OfficialNewReignEnt
Contact or 2108184042

You dont want to miss this amazing community Cancer Awareness/Cook Off/Basketball Tournament event

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