3/2 SS W1L1
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Video 1 : Why were the person/people in this video STATELESS? *
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Video 1 : What rights do you lose when you are NOT a citizen of Singapore? *
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Video 2: Why was Alexander Alrivers NOT a citizen of Singapore for so long? *
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Video 3: Why was Cindy stateless when she was born? *
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Video 3: What benefits did Cindy lose because she was not a citizen? *
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What are the four ways in which one person can become a citizen of a country? *
By paying bribes
By marriage
By being the children of a citizen (descent)
By being the grandchildren of a citizen (descent)
By being the niece/nephew of a citizen (relationship)
By being born in the country
By naturalisation (immigrating to another country and staying there for a long time)
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