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An important piece of our mission is apprenticeship—giving our talented emerging musicians the chance to perform. We know that “playing out” hones not only a student’s musicianship, but also such life skills as responsibility and communication.

A group made up of some of the nationally recognized young musicians who study with Jazz House Kids offers artistic excellence, professionalism, and a swinging atmosphere that is perfect for parties, receptions, and other functions.All combos include current players from Jazz House Kids big bands and ensembles that have taken home top awards from major regional and national high school jazz competitions for many years.

In order to ensure a seamless performance, we ask that you fill in the following form.

This allows us to determine the honorarium amount to keep our performance cost neutral. Additionally, the honorarium provides a token of support to Jazz House Kids so we can continue this work and support our scholarship students, staffing, small honorarium to our student performers, and a small donation to our Music Education Fund. Thank you!

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