WWC Officer Spring 2019 Applications
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the amazing officer team of UTD WWC!
There are 5 positions that we are looking to fill: Secretary Chair, Public Relations Chair, Event Planning Chair, Marketing Chair, and Treasurer Chair.

The Application Form is due by 11:59PM on February 25th, 2019.

Description of positions:

Secretary Chair:
The Secretary chair is in charge of sending emails before and after events, updating events on the Google calendar, and adding emails to mailing lists after events/meetings. During officer meetings, this chair is responsible for taking meeting notes.

Public Relations Chair:
This chair is responsible for creating events on Facebook, Google calendar, and Org Sync. Prior to events, this chair shall send Remind notification to members. Throughout the year, this chair is responsible for maintaining the WWC website.

Event Planning Chair:
The Event Planning Chair is in charge of planning volunteer and social events. The chair also must book rooms, find time slots and communicate the events to officers. The chair shall also find a local charity to support and volunteer with.

Marketing Chair:
The Marketing Chair is in charge of using their creative skills to design flyers for events and submit them to SOC. The chair shall order T-shirts, make business cards, etc.

Treasurer Chair:
This Treasurer Chair is in charge of handling all money and expenses within the club. The chair shall submit the fiscal report, along with keeping all the reports and receipts on google drive for each semester. The chair shall also make room reservations and make the sign-in forms before the meetings.

The interview will be around 15-30 minutes. Thanks!

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