Boarding Pass for OwlSat
Esure that your name flies amongst the stars by submitting your name to be put on a chip that will be flown on the OwlSat CubeSat!

Interested in learning more about OwlSat? Visit:

Interested in supporting the OwlSat team? Donate to the SEDS Rice OwlSat team to help our CubeSat reach the stars! Donate Here and select "Club SEDS" under designation:

We encourage all Rice alumni to donate $20, $50, or $100 when obtaining your boarding pass and submit your name to travel on a chip to orbit. While not required to obtain a boarding pass, your generosity will help propel OwlSat to orbit!

*Note: Your email is only collected for the purpose of sending you your boarding pass and OwlSat's launch date. You will not be receiving updates about the project. Please visit our website listed above for updates about OwlSat.
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