Navagraha Sahitha Narasimha Manthra Homa and Pravachana on Karma Yoga
Dear Devotees,

Sub: Navagraha Sahitha Narasimha Manthra Homa on Saturday, 26th of January, 2019 (from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM)

With the Grace of Lord Shri Krishna and blessings of His Holiness Shri 1008 Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji, Venkatakrushna Vrundavana UK is pleased to inform you that we will be performing the Navagraha Sahitha Narasimha Manthra Homa and Pravachana on Karma Yoga by Shri Yogeendra Bhat, (Chief Priest of Venkatakrushna Vrundavana, New Jersey, USA), at the following Venue:

Hindu Cultural Society (HCS Bhavan)
3 Lyndhurst Avenue, London
N12 0LX

By performing this Seva sincerely, the devotees will not only find peace of mind, but also can get rid of all Navagraha Dosha, Grahachaara Dosha, Raashi Dosha in the Janma Kundali / Jathaka as well as it will help in removing any obstacles and also obtain Graha Shaanthi, good health, wealth and all round prosperity and achieve abundant success in their life.

The Priest has to draw an attractive ‘Mandala’ of ‘Navagraha Devathas" with colorful Rangoli Powder in a traditional manner. along with the Mandala Pooja, priest has to invoke the nine Navagraha Devathas by chanting name of each of the Navagraha Devathas as described in the Vedic scriptures.

Then the ‘Narasimha Manthra Homa will be performed in detail with 108 chanting and Ahuthis. Ahuthi means special Naivedya or offering to the Devathas. While chanting specific ‘Mantras’ for each of the Navagraha Devathas, the Ahuthi's’ will be offered to each ‘Navagraha Devata’ separately. Finally, the "Maha Mangalarathi" will be followed by the "Poornahuthi".

As stated in our scriptures the devotee who partake in the Devine Homa will be freed from all sins and gets peace, happiness and good family life, Success, Health, and Wealth.

Devotees offering any Seva, may please note that you need to arrive at the venue by 9.00 a.m. in order to perform the Sankalpa.

Please RSVP below asap (latest by 18th January) , which will help us greatly in planning the arrangements for the event.

Note (1): If you need any more information / details regarding this event, please contact 07448504858 or 02037744051.

Note (2): In case you are unable to attend the program in person, but like the seve to be performed on your behalf, you may please contact our Priest Shreenivas Aralikatti (on 07448504858 / 02037744051) send your details such as your name, nakshathra, Raashi and other details. The Sankalpa and Homa will be performed on your behalf and the Prasada will be sent to you by post.

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