2019 IT Roundtable Survey
IT Roundtable Planning Survey
Help us plan a terrific IT Roundtable! The planning committee will consider these survey results in planning the program. Thank you for your participation.
What date would you prefer for the IT Roundtable? *
Are you planning on attending AMIA, November 16 - 20 in Washington, DC?
If you are attending AMIA, would holding the IT Roundtable right before it help you decide to attend?
Please rate your interest in the following topics
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Not Applicable
Data Commercialization
Data Repositories
Data Anonymization
Using Big Data
Using Real Word Evidence
Improving the use of EHR data for clinical research
Training researchers on how to use data
Industry partnerships with Academic Health Centers
Managing Conflicts/Starting a Company at an AHC
What's something new in clinical research and clinical research IT that you're curious about, and would like to find out what other academic health centers are doing? This could be technologies, agreements, partnerships, processes or procedures.
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Please rate your interest in the following potential keynote speakers
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Not Applicable to Me
Atul Butte, UCSF - Big Data
Mark McLellan, former CMS commissioner/Real World Evidence
Josh Denny, All of Us/Data Stewardship
Amy Abernethy, FDA Deputy Commissioner/Regulatory Landscape
Any other speakers you'd like the committee to consider?
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Any topics you'd like the committee to consider?
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If you are interested in being a panelist, please provide your name, contact information, and topic.
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