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Online testiranje za engleski jezik
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1. I always ... to the cinema on weekdays.
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2. My colleague ... come to work yesterday. She stayed at home because she was sick.
3. My brother ... 27 years old.
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4. He still lives with ... parents.
5. What time ... you usually get up in the morning?
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6. This is probably ... most expensive car in the world.
7. Is this ... jacket?
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8. They ... going to throw a party at the weekend.
9. My friend ... law at a famous law school abroad.
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10. The weather ... really wonderful yesterday.
11. They ... still trying to solve the problem.
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12. The lesson starts ... 8 o'clock in the morning.
13. The children are ... TV in the living room.
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14. He ... got two brothers and a sister.
15. November is usually much ... than October.
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16. Where ... your family live?
17. He is currently ... footballer in the world.
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18. ... you coming with us?
19. Where ... you born?
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20. A: What does your husband ...? B: He's an architect.
21. They ... a beautiful house in the suburbs last month.
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22. I really enjoy travelling and ... new people.
23. I used to ... pirates with my friends in the back yard when I was a child.
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24. They have ... been to Asia.
25. How many times ... you been to France?
Clear selection
26. His family moved to Cambridge four years ... .
27. She can't go out because she hasn't ... her homework yet.
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28. You ... smoke here. It's not allowed.
29. He ... dinner when she arrived last night.
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30. You don't ... to take your passport to travel to Italy. It's not necessary.
31. My sister ... married next month.
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32. She ... have a bigger salary when she gets the promotion.
33. Call me when you ... the report.
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34. He doesn't go to work by car or bus. He goes ... foot.
35. Who ... this novel?
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36. I ... travel much more often if I had more money.
37. We have been living here ... 2004.
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38. How ... time do we have to finish this test?
39. Who did you ... out with yesterday?
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40. There ... many people at his party last weekend. Only about a dozen.
41. Isaac Newton understood the principle of gravity while he ... under an apple tree.
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42. When I was little, I ... to play in my grandmother's garden all day.
43. Anna ... French for 10 years, so she speaks quite fluently.
Clear selection
44. Oh, hello Steve, how are you? I haven't seen you ... we left school!
45. Rio de Janeiro ... the Olympic Games in 2016.
Clear selection
46. It's very cold outside. You should put a ..., you can't go out with nothing around your neck!
47. He told her that ... .
Clear selection
48. I don’t agree ... you! I think we should see Great Gatsby instead.
49. I promise we will go out when ... tidying up.
Clear selection
50. Can I have a glass of water? I’m so ... .
51. If I ... Jane this afternoon, I’ll tell her to call you.
Clear selection
52. My nephew is my brother’s ... .
53. If I ... you, I would tell her the truth.
Clear selection
54. She ... lunch every day at 1 P.M.
55. You ... smoke in the hospital. It’s forbidden.
Clear selection
56. John is married ... a famous model, you know.
57. He eats ... than I do.
Clear selection
58. I will not leave ... you tell me what is going on!
59. He is very ... . He wants everything to himself!
60. Penicillin was ... by Alexander Fleming in 1928.
61. When they came home the other night, they realized that it ... burgled.
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62. After taking an exam, I always avoid discussions about ... everyone else did.
63. As far as we know, Earth is the only ... in universe that can support human life.
Clear selection
64. Ann ... her hair cut yesterday, it looks great!
65. Many people have a natural ability to ... stories.
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66. You will lose everything you have written ... you save it before closing the program.
67. I'm sorry you failed your driving test. If you were more self confident, you ... .
Clear selection
68. Why are you always complaining? I wish you ... stop doing that!
69. I can't find my glasses. I had them this morning and I haven't been out since, so I ... somewhere.
Clear selection
70. Believe it ... not, there are still illiterate people in this country.
71. His wife left him because she had enough. He ... cheated on her.
Clear selection
72. Unfortunately, things have changed ... the worse.
73. The party was really boring. Only ... came.
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74. ... her disability, she managed to graduate on time.
75. It makes me really upset ... so much waste being produced every day.
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76. It doesn’t ... if we arrive a bit late.
77. I studied a lot, so I expect good marks from all exams, ... from maths.
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78. Istanbul was ... more exciting than I expected, so I decided to stay for two more days.
79. To get to the nearest post office, walk ... Euston Road until the first crossroad.
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80. I was really happy yesterday after the meeting. My boss patted me on the shoulder and told me to keep ... the good work.
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