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Please complete the questionnaire below for Coaching Services start-up. Thanks! Simon Says Cycling
What's your age?
Goal Weight
Preferred method of communication:
Best times/days for communication:
What Level Coaching Service do you want to sign-up at?
Do you have a TrainingPeaks account?
How many hours can you train consistently each week (be realistic)?
How many years have you been cycling?
Do your compete in races (indicate category)?
Do you train with a power meter and heart rate monitor?
Whats your maximum heart rate (last year) or threshold heart rate?
Whats your current threshold power (40km TT power or 93-95% of best 20 minute power)?
Whats your current best 4-5 minute power (last 6 months)?
Whats your current best 1 minute power (last 6 months)?
Whats your current best 5 sec power (last 6 months)?
What are your cycling strengths?
What are your improvement goals physically?
What are your improvement goals related to bike handling, skill and strategy?
What are your improvement goals related to to the mental side like confidence, discipline, fears, habits etc.?
What are your improvement goals related to your weight and diet?
Is there a race goal or event goal/trip we are working towards (please list dates)?
What is your ultimate cycling goal?
Any health issues or injuries that affect you?
Are you cleared by a doctor for strenuous exercise?
Please describe in detail what a typical training week looks like for you with the days your train, the hours, and the type of training:
Please list race dates, event dates, travel etc. that should be included in your training for the next 2-4 weeks:
When would you like to start with coaching (date)?
What day and time works for a start-up consultation over the phone/skype (please provide 2-3 options).
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