Hedgehogs Northwest Adoption Application
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Do you have any hedgehog experience?  If so, please explain.  If not, what experience do you have with other pets? *
Hedgehogs live an average of 3-6 years, but have been known to live as long as 10 years. Are you able to commit to life-long hedgie ownership? If something was to happen that would make you no longer able to care for your hedgehog, would you be willing to contact us first, prior to rehoming your pet with someone else? *
Do you have any color preference? Are there any colors that you know you aren't fond of (i.e. albino)? (Keep in mind, it may be a longer wait for specific colors) *
Do you have a gender preference?  What's your reasoning behind this? *
Are you interested in or planning on breeding? *
Are you 18 or older? If not, are your parents aware of your interest in hedgehog ownership? *
Are you planning on purchasing a Starter Kit with your hedgehog?  If not, how do you intend to house your hedgehog - please list cage, wheel, heating, etc.  I will require that I see these prior to your hedgehog going home.  I also require that you only use Carefresh Ultra bedding for my 30 day health guarentee. *
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