Crab Madness 2019
Welcome to Crab Madness! The Bmore Classic 2019 Tournament teams have been announced-- Behold the Bracket! Some fans may consult the sprits in crystal balls. Some may study the stats. Some may close their eyes and point. No matter how you do it, make your picks here for your chance to win a sweet Bmore Classic prize pack. Perfect Bracket holders who are at the Championship game will be invited to the track to crown the Tournament Champs. Remember, to follow the games, you've got to be at the games! Get your tickets now at:
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2019 BMore Bracket
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The fine print
1) Charm City Roller Derby ("CCRD") and The Bmore Classic 2019 reserve the right to review all entries for accuracy and fairness. In the event of multiple winners, CCRD may opt to impose a tie-breaker. Entrants must be present at the final game to win. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Any more than that may be considered gaming the system and using math for evil purposes. 2) Eligibility. To enter, you must be at least 18 old or older or, if you are a minor, you must have permission of your parent or legal guardian to enter. You are not eligible to enter if you are a skater with any of the participating teams. 3) Entries must be submitted prior to the first whistle of the first game- 8:45 am July 6, 2019.
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