Computer Lab/Cart & Science Lab Request Form
Steps for Reserving a Lab:

Please allow 48 hours to book a lab. All requests must be submitted before 2:15 p.m Daily. AFTER 48 HOURS PLEASE CALL EXT. 2580 FOR LAB REQUEST CONFIRMATION.

Submit a Seating Chart (see links below). Print the seating chart and write in the names of your students. Please do this for each class that will be using the lab. Please send this to the Tech Office. Not doing this delay your lab request.

LAB 209: (33 PC)

LAB 210: (36 Macs)

LAB 600: (32 Macs)

Choose your date. Avoid scheduling conflicts by clicking here to view the master calendar.

Click "Next" below to submit your preferred lab and date. You will also be asked to describe your project.
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