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Statement #1: By allowing my child to participate in Vacation Bible School, I understand that many different activities take place throughout the morning and my child(ren) may get dirty and/or wet including their clothing while at VBS. Pictures may be taken of my child(ren) and posted on the church website found at . I also understand that in case of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact me. If I cannot be reached, Calvary will do what is necessary to ensure the safest and fastest medical aid needed for illness or injury. I will not be contacted for simple needs such as minor bumps/scrapes unless my child requests that I be contacted. *
Statement #2: I understand that 4yr olds through 5th graders will be in the auditorium with their groups to be picked up at the end of each morning. 6th and 7th graders will be excused to the Northwest Hall to find their parents. *
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