Peer2Peer Application Form Michaelmas 2017
Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete this application. When you apply we have to seek permission from your tutor to complete the training, so if you have any concerns about this, please email your tutor or Hannah on the P2Pcommittee (hmml4).
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What Department/Faculty Buildings do you work in?
Please answer if you AGREE to this being publicised in your Department
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When do you expect to graduate?
e.g. Easter 2019
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We offer two types of training. The traditional training lasts TWO FULL DAYS. The short training lasts half a day. Which would you prefer
To be a full supporter you need to do the full training, but to learn some listening skills or if you can't commit to being a full supporter choose the half day
Which training sessions are you able to attend?
Please check all that apply
Why do you want to be a Peer2Peer Supporter?
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Peer2Peer Supporters aim to be four things: confidential, non-judgemental, responsive, and active-listeners. Of these four values, which do you think you will find the most challenging, and why?
Please ensure that you read about and understand the values before answering this question:
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Write about a time when you supported someone. On reflection, what do you think went well? What could you improve on?
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Do you have any previous training in supporting people? If yes, what was it?
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What do you hope to get out of being a Peer2Peer supporter?
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