Event Tailoring Questionnaire
I'm looking forward to speaking at your event and want to provide the best value. Would love for you to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Please complete and return to robyn@speaketc.com
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The Presentation
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Meeting Times
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Name of room where Robyn will speak
What is the stage background color and room set up?
What will be happening immediately before Robyn's talk?
What will be happening immediately after Robyn's talk?
When will the room be empty for A/V setup and sound check?:
Group Contact On site
Cell Phone
AV Contact on site & Phone #
Emergency contact for event:
Will there be other speakers at this event?
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Robyn’s Introducer (name and title. Robyn will send intro):
Is it possible for one or two guests to sit in on Robyn’s program?
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Would you be interested in a bulk book purchase at a discounted rate?
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Audience size (best guess):
% Male:
% Female:
Age range of audience:
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Will spouses be attending?
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The dress code for attendees is:
General job responsibilities of attendees:
How can Robyn refer to the ENTIRE group by job title or function (e.g., Health Care Professionals/Financial Advisors/Small Business Owners/Librarians)?
Please list two people who will be in the audience, and who most of the other attendees would know and like:
What is the theme for your event, if any?
What is the theme for your event, if any?
What is the Twitter hashtag for this event (if any)?
What is the Facebook Page for this event (if any)?
What is your main objective and how can I best help you achieve it?
What are some of the problems / breakthroughs / challenges currently experienced by your organization or industry?
What's REALLY keeping your attendees up at night?
If there were a "common enemy" for your group (e.g., competitor, gov. agency, industry, etc.), who would it be, and why? In other words, who do you "love to hate," and why?
What is the biggest misconception people (or your customers/clients) have about your industry, or the people in your industry?
Are there any running jokes, buzzwords, inside humor buttons or pet peeves?
Is there any "local color" (e.g., new company policy, broken piece of equipment, frustrating software upgrade, local hang-out, etc.) that Robyn could incorporate into her presentation?
Is there anything Robyn should NOT mention, or sensitive areas she should avoid?
Who have you had speak in the past?
How would you like your attendees feeling as they walk out of the room? And how will I know our time together has been successful?
What else do I need to know to WOW your audience?
Your answers will help me tailor my presentation and I look forward to delivering tremendous value!
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