2019 MLK Day of Service Volunteer Site Registration & Tool Request Form
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Use this form to register your project and request assistance (tools, trash and green waste pickups, mulch, volunteer matching, promotion, etc.) for MLK Day of Service, Monday, January 21, 2019, and any associated MLK Day volunteer events happening prior to 1/21/2019. Please submit this form by January 3, 2019. We may not be able to accommodate late requests, or include those sites in promotional listings.

Please mark your calendar for the MLK Day Site Coordinator Meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 from 6-8 pm at Oakland City Hall in Hearing Room 3 (first floor).

If you are looking to register for Oakland Earth Day, April 20, 2019, please visit: https://goo.gl/forms/ya7u7IgcO7m9wvee2

Please scroll down to answer all questions and hit the "submit" button when finished. If you have any questions, please email adoptaspot@oaklandnet.com or call (510) 238-7630.

DO NOT use the backward and forward arrows in your browser to navigate through this registration form (doing so will erase your entries). Please use the "Back" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each page. Click "Submit" when you are finished filling out your registration form.

Last Name of Site Coordinator: *
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First Name of Site Coordinator: *
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Organization (if applicable):
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Email Address: *
Please note: your email address will be shared with potential volunteers so they can reach you about participating at your site.
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Phone Number: *
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx; please indicate if phone number(s) are cell, home, and/or work.
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Street Address of Site Coordinator: *
We'll add your address to our mailing list to receive an invitation to our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party in November.
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Zip Code of Site Coordinator: *
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Name of Site: *
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Project Location Street Address: *
Please provide an street number and name, intersection, or map coordinates. This information will be used to create our site map. Please avoid additional words, like "nearby" or any other added description. Added location description should be provided in your answer to the next question.
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Project Location Zip Code: *
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Volunteer Check-In Location Description *
Please provide location description if your site is not clearly identified in the prior question, such as if the meeting location is in an open space near the address you provided above, or if it is in a certain location within the park. For example, "From the parking lot, walk up the fire road .2 miles to find the meeting location.
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Which Oakland City Council District is your project in: *
A map of the districts is posted here: http://mapgis.oaklandnet.com/councildistricts
Type of Site *
Please choose the option that BEST describes your site.
Have you hosted a volunteer project at this site before? *
Such as a past MLK Day of Service, Oakland Earth Day, Oakland Creek to Bay Day, etc. Check all that apply
If your project is not on Monday, 1/21/19, please tell us the date of your project(s).
Some projects may occur on the Saturday or Sunday before MLK Day.
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Project Start and End Times: *
For example, "9am to 1pm."
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Adult volunteer capacity *
How many adult volunteers can your site accommodate?
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Youth volunteer capacity (under 18 years old) *
How many youth volunteers can your site accommodate, if any?
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How many volunteers do you still need to recruit? *
List the number of adult and/or youth volunteers you still need. If you are already have your volunteers lined up and your site does not need additional volunteers, please say 0. Otherwise we will direct potential volunteers to your site.
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Type of Activity/Activities (check all that apply): *
*Please note: Landscaping activities on City land require pre-approval by City staff. You will be contacted to discuss next steps.
Site hazards *
Please check all that apply.
Homeless Encampments: *
Volunteers may work near these sites, though we do not authorize cleanups within homeless encampments due to safety and personal property concerns. Please describe any homeless encampments that might impact your project. Please describe as best you can: the size of the encampment, whether it's a new or longstanding encampment, your relation to the encampment, past City management of the encampment, City support you might request, and how your project might be impacted by and might impact the encampment. If not applicable say NA.
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Wheelchair Accessibility: *
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