Shift Into Gear Entrepreneur Program
Thank you for your interest in the Shift Into Gear program. The 6 month program is designed to help you develop leadership and a vision for your company, and turn it into reality through an actionable plan and accountability.

Please answer the questions below. The more you share, the easier for me to determine if I can assist you (Your info will never be shared and always kept confidential).

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I will be in touch within 24-36 hours after the application submission.

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David Lahav

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Shift Into Gear Entrepreneur Program - 6 months program
1. Deep-Dive sessions (60min) — once every 2 weeks – during which we will work on your goals and dreams together.
2. Multiple 21-days challenges to bring significant transformations. These challenges will be tailored to suit the unique needs of our journey.
5. Feedback, support, and accountability check-in via email
6. Weekly monitoring through Google Spreadsheet to ensure momentum is never lost
7. Direct contact via WhatsApp (you’ll have my personal number) for sharing wins and challenges.
8. Pre-questionnaire & multiple tests to evaluate and identify main objectives, challenges, and high-potentials.
Will you be able to put consistent effort into this program?
How much you're willing to invest is only one of the determining factors. The other, just as important factor, is commitment. Commitment to your dreams, to the process, to taking actionable steps, and most importantly to be willing to do it continuously for the entire duration.
What's your phone number or Whatsapp?
Once I review your application and determine we're a right fit for each other, we will schedule a free 20min one-on-one consult with you, as well as answer any questions you may have.
What attracted you to this program/wanting to work with me?
Also, have you ever been professionally coached before?
Any questions, thoughts, or comments you want to share? It's all welcome!
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